ING trials carbon tracking app from Cogo

Customers will also receive tips on managing their carbon impact via push notification and be able to see how their footprint compares with the Dutch national average.


Tatra banka taps ecolytiq for green banking features

Through introducing CO2 footprinting within its mobile banking app, Tatra banka customers can actively monitor their impact on the planet, receive personalised tips on how to reduce it, and enjoy rewards for sustainable purchases.


Banca March selects Golden Source for ESG data management

The initial ESG data feeds at Banca March will come from Clarity AI and Sustainalytics, for which GoldenSource will provide serviced Connections, ensuring automated data integration and zero maintenance effort for Banca March as the data sets evolve over


Research reveals ESG data challenge

The majority of firms (74%) are relying on external ESG rating services for the bulk of their data. More than half (57%) are also using third party expert opinions for factual information such as carbon emissions.


SIX Expands ESG Data Offerings

The datasets contain detailed CO2 emissions figures for over 5,000 companies and modeled data for more than 30,000 securities.